Scenery Magazine issue 1

Scenery is a new interiors magazine about the details of the spaces that colour our lives, and the curiosities that we collect along the way. The places we choose to spend our time, and why we choose to spend our time in them.

Contributors to the first issue of Scenery include Katy England, Malick Bodian, Brett Lloyd, WilliamWaterworth, Ellie Grace Cumming, Benedict Brink, Pablo di Prima, Nikolai von Bismarck, Chris Lensz, Stella Schnabel, Joe Skilton, Oscar Foster-Kane, Vitali Gelwich, Riccardo Maria Chiacchio, and many more.

The first issue of Scenery features Amanda Harlech, Stefano Pilati, Bella Freud, Ivan Terestchenko, Louis-Géraud Castor, Jebi Labembika, Venetia Scott, Ed Rollitt, Mark Betty, the Robert Kime estate, Gérald Lajoie, Marrow Project, and many more.

Editor-in-chief Simon B Mørch 

Creative director Alister Mackie 

Managing Editor Valeria Della Valle 

Art director Aiden Miller 

Features director Liam Hess